Flanged bearing units are a special design of bearing units of a so-called flanged bearing unit. Like all housing units, the flanged bearing unit in short consists of an insert or deep groove ball bearing sealed on both sides and a housing.


Flanged bearings units are flat and have two to four mounting holes depending on the design. The mounting holes allow the flanged bearing unit to be easily mounted or flanged to the mounting surface. Due to their design, flange bearing units can compensate for slight misalignments.

Areas of application

Flanged bearing units, like plummer blocks and radial insert ball bearing units, are used to support shafts. They support shafts that penetrate the housing walls. To protect the ball bearing from the ingress of dirt, open and closed covers can be used. Flanged bearing units are usually screwed onto openings in the basic structure.

Technical basics flanged bearing units

The technical principles of housing units also apply in full to flanged bearings, since flanged bearings are a special form of housing unit. Information on tolerances, lubrication, mounting on the shaft, etc. can be found in the Knowleddgebase under housing units. Further information can also be found in the maintenance and operating instructions and under FAQ.


Designs of flanged housing units

Flanged housing units are available as two-hole flanged bearing units (e.g. UCFL cast iron housing), three-hole flanged bearing units (e.g. BPF sheet steel housing) and four-hole flanged bearing unitss (e.g. UCF cast iron housing). Flange bearing units with a machined centering shoulder (UCFC cast iron housing) allow accurate centering to the hole in the housing wall. Together with the insert, the bearing unit is formed.



Structural shapes made of cast iron, stainless steel and thermoplastics


Structural shapes from pressed steel


Designs made of pressed steel are used for applications with low loads.

Materials of flanged bearing housings

Flanged housings are made of gray cast iron as standard, but also of stainless steel, sheet steel, plastic (PBT thermoplastic) or zinc die casting. There is a suitable material for every application. For the plastic housing units, different colors are offered, e.g. white, black, green and blue. Our Themoplastik housing units have the color blue. This is especially useful in food production, because the color blue stands out from the food in most cases.


Combination possibilities

of flanged housing and radial insert ball bearings


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