New developments and optimizations of existing products form an important part of our business. To ASKUBAL, only the best solution can be a customer solution. To enable us to respond, even to the most individual customer requirements, our engineering specialists are constantly devising new and effective solutions for our customers.

Our employees work with the most modern engineering software in the fields of design, simulation and calculation. For near-reality validations of the calculated results, we develop our own test rigs. Constant balancing of theory and practice ensures ongoing improvement of our products.

There are no boundaries in our Research & Development area. Our co-operation with national research institutions on a wide variety of projects ensures a permanent and targeted exchange of information.

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If we research everything, we will sometimes find the truth where we least expect it.

(Marcus Fabius Quintilianus)


The ASKUBAL Engineering Team uses the most modern calculation software for the design and dimensioning of our entire product range.

With the support of the latest CAD and calculation systems, we are able to determine all the relevant parameters for our customers. This applies to all product groups, including axial bearings and cylinder roller bearings, to name just two examples.

Design and calculation have to take account of specified bearing performance figures, strength values and dynamic loads. These form the bases of calculation of actual geometries and material combinations. This gives our customers the assurance they want: that they will always receive components of excellent design, on which they can rely

Analysis of clearance increase in case of load
Development of various ASKUROL versions

The ASKUBAL Engineering Department has expanded to keep pace with all the developments in its field, from the traditional drawing board to the deployment of the most modern 3D CAD systems. This is also a reflection of our thorough know-how in the area of Research & Development.

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On our product pages, you can download the 3D data direct, and open them with every current type of CAD software.



Computer-aided simulations take place to support and validate calculation and construction, and to increase our understanding of the mechanical and thermal loads to which our components are exposed.

These analyses give us evidence of the conditions of tension, geometric behaviour when certain loads are applied, and may indicate possible ways of improving tribological systems.

The simulated results for our products are often tested in practice on our in-house test rigs. The evaluations of our test series indicate to us how our products behave under real conditions.
Our customers profit from ASK products of the highest quality and reliability.

Calculation of the lifetimes of curve rollers