Moving conveyor belts and roller systems often use ASK rolling-contact bearings and bearing units. Our products assure reliable dynamics for every materials handling requisite.

ASK bearing units are available as pedestal bearings, radial insert ball bearings and flange-type bearings in many different versions. The units are ready to assemble and come from the grey cast iron, NIRO cast, silver or plate steel series. Depending on application, we offer our plastic bearing units.

For the best possible operating safety, the bearings and cases are matched. Depending on application, they are suitable both for fixed and movable bearings.

Materials handling also uses many different radial bearings (e.g. to DIN 625 and DIN 628, in single and double rows) and axial groove and axial cylindrical ball bearings (e.g. to DIN 711, DIN 722 and DIN 728).


ASK has launched a special pneumatic series in-house for the pneumatic engineering industry. The main applications here are for our fine-threaded rod ends.

Our customers profit from reliable components of the highest quality, for use not only in CETOP and pneumatic cylinders.

A small example of how pleased our customers are is the FESTO Supplier Elite Award, presented to ASK for the third time.