More than a QM method.


«The message of the Kaizen strategy is that not a day should go by without some improvement being made in the company.»
(Masaaki Imai)

Kaizen at ASKUBAL

The main focus since 1995: Kaizen as a QM philosophy

To us, Kaizen is more than a method of quality management. Since 1995, we have viewed this concept, of Japanese origin, as an inter-departmental philosophy. Kaizen comprises principles of continuous improvement and engages with the following four core themes:

Process orientation:
We document our processes in order to make daily improvements to our standard of processing. To do this, we break away from a pure results orientation and measure our successes directly in terms of the satisfaction of our customers. One example of our success is the coveted KTM Supplier Quality Excellence Award, now presented to us for the third time.

Customer orientation:
Our customers are not the only ones who receive top-level service! To avoid consequential errors directly, we treat our own, in-house departments as customers. Internal complaints handling leads to direct error rectification. The result is permanently rising quality, reflected not only in our key figures but, above all, in the loyalty of our clients.

Quality orientation:
At ASK, quality is made measurable in house. Individual production stages are monitored throughout the production process. High-speed cameras record individual components being fitted in the correct positions. Analysis software is used to evaluate the data in fractions of a second, so that the appropriate follow-up action can be taken.

Openness to criticism:
We see criticism as an ongoing opportunity to improve ourselves. A multi-level system of improvement suggestions gives our employees opportunities to contribute their ideas - big or small - to our corporate processes at any time. This has a positive impact on the PDCA cycle.  Every improvement leads to a new standard, which is permanently integrated with the ASK process model.

Every employee is involved in these processes. Our Kaizen partner, Porsche Consulting GmbH, holds internal and external Kaizen workshops at regular intervals.

The advantages to you at a glance

  • Rapid response to a very wide range of customer requirements
  • Quality with no fixed limits
  • Maximum flexibility across all divisions

The word KAIZEN embraces the notions of KAI = change and ZEN = good (and getting even better).

KAIZEN means continuous improvement in small steps. It combines the just-in-time method with total quality management and the continuous improvement principle.

Our main Kaizen tools are:

  • The ‘5S’ approach to a clean and tidy workplace
  • Visualization
  • Standardization (via the PDCA cycle)
  • The MUDA check (avoid waste)
  • One-piece flow
  • Pull rather than push, in all processes